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Currency News Unveils Plans For 2013 International Coin Conference

  2012 MAY 11 - ( -- Plans have been announced for the second international Coin Conference, which will focus on important issues facing the production, distribution and management of circulating coins.

  The 2013 conference, organised by Currency Publications Ltd [publishers of Currency News], will build on the success of the first London event and will be held on 12 - 13 March 2013 at the Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany.

  Under the theme of 'The Challenges for Circulating Coins - Managing the Change,' the conference fills the gap for a dedicated forum that enables those involve in circulation coin management to discuss and share ideas in a series of sessions covering all the key aspects of the worldwide coin industry.

  Central banks and treasury departments will be targeting the event to find out more about improving coin management and sharing circulation best practice. Also attending will be representatives from mints and those involved in the production, handling, processing, verification, counting, distribution and reclamation of coins.

  Forecasting demand, determining note/coin boundaries, ways to optimise circulation, reducing costs, securing revenue streams and building and maintaining public confidence will be among the areas debated.

  Strategies for tackling counterfeiting and coin authentication techniques will also be discussion points, while performance in circulation, demand and alternative payment methods will garner interest among delegates.

  The conference was launched in 2011 as the only event of its type for coin issuers and proved very successful with nearly 200 people attending from 100 organisations and 40 countries.

  Rick Haycock, conference chairman, said: "The Coin Conference will be a must attend for those involved in coins from management through production to distribution and destruction

  "The conference provides the only platform to debate the big issues for producers and customers as they face challenges in today's environment of growing demand, rising production and distribution costs, increasing counterfeiting and alternative methods of payment."

  The Coin Conference is organized by Currency Publications Ltd, publishers of Currency News and the Directory of Currency Suppliers. Currency Publications is a joint venture between Reconnaissance International, publishers and consultants, and Currency Research, organisers of the Currency Conference and the ICCOS conferences.

  Further information can be found at or Astrid Mitchell

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  This article was prepared by VerticalNews Economics editors from staff and other reports. Copyright 2012, VerticalNews Economics via


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